burch live farm sales

Welcome to Burch Live Farm Sales! For years, we’ve considered growing out, weaning and shearing each set of lambs we raise, then market them on a live sale. The thought, with a live sale, folks are more inclined to come and look in person. The lambs are a little older and their wool knocked off to add confidence to what the buyer is getting. Lambs are dry sheared (as opposed to slick sheared) and aren’t pampered to improve the odds they’ll be more impressive once they get to their new homes. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to visit and interact with friends and potential customers about the stock, and folks can take a closer look at our operation.

We also wanted to provide an additional marketing avenue for those who utilize our genetics. From there, the first Burch Live Farm Sale was established and held in December 2022. We’re proud to work with SC Online Sales to offer not only our own sheep, but those of the folks that utilize our studs, in two one-of-a-kind live auctions: Santa’s Favorites and Heavy Hitters Genetic Appreciation.